How can I register to race in World/Continental Championship?

First of all your country's model Federation must be member of Naviga, World Association of Boat modellers. You can only aply to participate at a WC or CC through your National Federation. Since per country only 5 participants per class (excluding the reigning World Champion) can participate at the World Championship, most countries use a ranking system, based on the National competition to determine who gets to go to the Worlds. This system is used in order to have only the best representing their respective countries at World Championships.

How can I become Naviga member?

By being a member of your country's National model boat Federation, which is affiliated to Naviga, you automatically become a Naviga member.

Can individual become Naviga member?

No it is not possible. Only your country's National Federation can be Naviga member. 

I have no experience with model boats - what is the best way how to start?

Buy "ready to go" set and register for some local/national race. The best start classes are mini classes (slower, cheaper and "ready to go" boats can be bought).

What if my country is not Naviga member but I would like to participate on races anyway?

On certain, open events, non Naviga members are allowed to participate. However on official Naviga sanctioned events only members are allowed to participate.

How the race looks like?

You can check some videos: Lithuania cupWorld Championship 2015 Poland 

Can I visit some race and see what is it about?

Of course you can check list of planned events, find the most favourite location and go for a trip there. 

Where can I buy "ready to go" set?