EC 2016 invitation

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To avoid all confusion i want to make it known to everyone, that as of 01/01/2016 mini Hydro will be 6 minutes as well. This should have been changed after the World Championships in 2013 where all hydro classes runtime was changed to 6 minutes. Due to some error in the Protocol of that Technical Committee Meeting, this was not implemented but it is only logic that all classes should be the same.


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The new 2016 M class Rules are available as of now under the "Rules" button, but first i want to make a small statement concerning the cancelled classes:

Even though certain classes have been stricken or have been merged into a single class, this does not mean those classes are no longer Naviga supported classes.

On a National level these classes can and will be supported , for they have been Naviga classes for so long, only on the level of Continental or World Championships they will not be run no longer. As long as run according to the latest version of the Rulebook  (2013 with 2014 addition for mini's) these classes can perfectly be National official classes.

Me, in person, and i am sure Naviga feels the same way will always support Eco Standard, F1V-7.5cc.


Geens Walter

Naviga M section leader2016 M Rulebook

Hi all,


It has been brought to my attention certain new limited classes are to be started this year in Germany,by either Nauticus and Lipo Masters.

Let me make it well and clear, that those ideas, whilst supported by me as an individual are purely a German internal idea. At no point are they official classes sanctioned by Naviga. I fully support the idea of trying to find ways to get out of the battery problem and encourage all ideas, but let us wait and see if they actually do .

Only the official Naviga classes will be run at the European Championship his year in Hungary. 



Hi all,


As you may have heared already , the 2016 European Championship in class M will be held from Juli 30 till August 6 in Nagykanizsa, Hungary. I visited the place last September and saw for myself the venue to be a very good one for this event. The Naviga Praesidium then agreed to the bid made by the Hungarian Federation which means we are now in full preparation of the 2016 EC.

At the lake there will be 3 different start platforms: a 1st one for Eco/mono/hydro /FSR-E, a second one for F1 and a third platform for F3 classes meaning different classes being run at the same time. The idea is to save time like so, and getting the event done is 8 days time.

Remember people, 5 participants per class per country! All entries are to be made through your country's Federation, the same method as for the World Championships. The Official Invitation will be posted here as soon as i get them.

I hope to see all of you in big numbers in Hungary!!