My dear friends,


Just a reminder on the fact that i still await several answers in regard to the mail that was sent out to every affiliated National Team Leader.

A majority of us opted to go a certain way, and in this several questions or unknown facts need to be resolved. As was decided (by majority) a questionaire has been sent to all of you, and the deadline is comming close. I can only ask for your answers, but also consider that not answering means not having an interest or not having an opinion. Make no mistake, my deadline stands! Conclusions will be made from the information i received at the deadline, so to make it  perfectly clear: Not answering means you agree, final!

On the other hand i also hear "rumours" of people who do not agree with what was decided (democraticaly) , well my advice to them is : Pick it up with your National Representative ! The fact your country voted either way means the majority wanted so, so stop whining and crying over spilled milk. Democracy means majority not individuals!