To try and overcome certain problems we are facing these days in regard to batteries, i decided to enlarge the tests we are currently running with Energy Limiting devices.

At the on coming European Championships such a device will be used in official racing by participants. The plan is to show to everyone it 's use, and prove there is no advantage or any disadvantage in using such a device. I do not intend to impose the use, or to force anyone to go that way at all. All i want is to show people there is a valid alternative.

After having used the device at several meetings, both in Belgium as abroad, we think we have come up with the correct number of Energy it takes to finish a heat in most classes. Proof of that number can be provided by me, since we took great care in registering every single time we used the device as an Energy counter with perfectly legal batteries as well. What we have seen this far is that using over capacity, over weight batteries in combination with an Energy Limiting device works!

I  intend to call for a meeting with all Team leaders and Judges after registration  to explain and clarify this idea, the European Championship is this year's best meeting to see the biggest number of people at one meeting, so lets make good use of it and find solutions!