Hi all,

It s been a while, but there are some new developments in regard to limiter use. After extensive search and email conversation with Stefan Merz i ordered several units of his Unilog V2 system. Basicly it is a sort of data logging system, but with the extra feature of a limiter function. With this device it is perfectly possible to set a certain Watt/min limit. At this moment the Unilog is used extensively in both F5B(hotliners) and F5D (pylonracing) flying with great satisfaction.
The airplane guys used to suffer the same problems as we face, short battery life because of high capacity, low C rate batteries. Eversince they started using an energy limiter, things have improved drastically.
In our national competition (Belgium) we will at first determine what level of energy is needed for our classes, and next use proper C rated batteries with higher weight , using the Unilog device set at a Watt/min limit according to the current battery situation to level out the ammount of power that can be used. I am happy to announce that these tests will run at the same time in Belgium as in the Tsjech Republic, where another 2 Unilog devices will be used by Zdenka Dostalova and Miroslav Miletin.
I sincerly believe these tests will prove there is a way of getting rid of the battery ruling as we have it now (weight restricted) and will also show that there is a level playing field for all, with batteries that will last a whole season long!

Expect to hear more from this soon!