Hi guys,

The new 2016 M class Rules are available as of now under the "Rules" button, but first i want to make a small statement concerning the cancelled classes:

Even though certain classes have been stricken or have been merged into a single class, this does not mean those classes are no longer Naviga supported classes.

On a National level these classes can and will be supported , for they have been Naviga classes for so long, only on the level of Continental or World Championships they will not be run no longer. As long as run according to the latest version of the Rulebook  (2013 with 2014 addition for mini's) these classes can perfectly be National official classes.

Me, in person, and i am sure Naviga feels the same way will always support Eco Standard, F1V-7.5cc.


Geens Walter

Naviga M section leader2016 M Rulebook