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Hi all,


As you may have heared already , the 2016 European Championship in class M will be held from Juli 30 till August 6 in Nagykanizsa, Hungary. I visited the place last September and saw for myself the venue to be a very good one for this event. The Naviga Praesidium then agreed to the bid made by the Hungarian Federation which means we are now in full preparation of the 2016 EC.

At the lake there will be 3 different start platforms: a 1st one for Eco/mono/hydro /FSR-E, a second one for F1 and a third platform for F3 classes meaning different classes being run at the same time. The idea is to save time like so, and getting the event done is 8 days time.

Remember people, 5 participants per class per country! All entries are to be made through your country's Federation, the same method as for the World Championships. The Official Invitation will be posted here as soon as i get them.

I hope to see all of you in big numbers in Hungary!!