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Ok as promised, so here goes.

As decided by vote at the Technical Committee Meeting in Kedzierzyn-Kozle on august 24 th 2015, and aproved by the Naviga Assembly General in Oberhausen on november 7th 2015 Mini eco standard and Eco Standard are no longer official Naviga classes. F1E - 1kg and F1E + 1kg will merge into 1 class with the battery/weight restrictions that were valid for + 1 kg before.
This vote took place in a democratic way and in accordance to the Naviga Rules, so will be valid as per 01/01/2016.
This does not mean those classes cannot or will not be run on a National level in certain countries, but not at Continental or World Championships or official Naviga sanctioned events.
Furthermore the situation in F1-V 3.5cc,7.5cc,15cc Juniors needs to be reconsidered. Those classes should not even have been run in Poland, because they did not have enough participants/countries for 3 consecutive World Championships. The same situation occurs in F1-V 7.5 cc Seniors.
I do realize that several people will be disappointed, but in a democracy majority rules and since this is the case we should all accept these decisions.


Walter Geens
Naviga M section leader