FIRST STEP - to decide what rules shoud be decided - this page will be updated with the information from the country representatives sent by email no later than 31/10/2017 to Naviga M section leader Walter Geens

1) set the limit value:

   - class mini - 20W/h or 1200W/minutes

   - Eco, Mono 1, Hydro 1 - 53W/h or 3188W/min (comparable to 3S 4800 Lipo pack)

   - Mono 2 and Hydro 2 - 106W/h or 6376W/min

   - FSRE - 159W/h or 9564W/min


note: (MDLE-4 works in Watt/hours,  E-lim and Wozniak KLW 202 works in Watt/ minutes)


2) update limit value - yes / no / how


3) check accuracy of limiter - yes / no / how


4) set min/max weight for limiter batteries - yes / no / how


5) set slow down time before limiter cuts off the power - 10s / more / less


6) set the time after which limit will be renewed (allows the boat go back to the platform) - 60 s / more / less 


7) check in - check out control:


   - check correct placement of limiter in the boat (between battery and kill-switch) - yes / no / how

   - random check - limiter accuracy - yes / no / how

   - championship checks (hat system) - yes / no / how

   - .....


8) .....


SECOND STEP - country representatives are going to make conclusions on collected data on national levels and will deliver those values to the secion leader no later than 15/11/2017 - he will update this page with suggested values and prepare it for voting

BelgiumCzechGermanyHungaryItalyPoland + appendixRomaniaRussiaSlovakiaUK

FINAL STEP - country representaties will sent their vote as reply to all (for example 1a) YES, 1b) NO, 2) 10s) to the Naviga M section leader and in the copy to the all other country representatives (no later than 30/11/2017), the outcome of the vote will be published by M section leader on this page and will be included in the M section rulebok from 1/1/2018